Ultrasound Assisted Lipoplasty (UAL) is a form of liposuction that uses sound waves to liquefy fat. It is not a substitute for traditional liposuction, but is sometimes used in conjunction with liposuction for maximum results.

Considering Ultrasound Assisted Lipoplasty

UAL may be appropriate for you if you have:

  • A normal, healthy body weight
  • Firm skin with good elasticity
  • Stubborn pockets of excess fat

Like liposuction, UAL is not a weight loss solution. It is a body contouring procedure designed to refine your contours.

Preparing for Ultrasound Assisted Lipoplasty

In consultation with Dr. Garcia, you will discuss your goals for cosmetic surgery and whether UAL and liposuction can help you achieve them. Depending on your needs, Dr. Garcia may recommend additional treatment options, such as tummy tuck or other body contouring procedures. Ultimately it is your body and your decision.

Dr. Garcia will provide detailed pre- and post-surgical instructions on how to care for yourself and what to expect. Feel free to ask all of your questions during your consultation. Your procedure should not be a mystery to you.

Knowing the Risks

As with any surgical procedure, UAL carries certain risks. Although Dr. Garcia is an accomplished board-certified plastic surgeon, complications can occur. Complications are rare, but may include clotting, infection, excessive fluid loss, excessive fluid accumulation, skin injury, burning (from the ultrasound device), organ perforation or reactions to the anesthesia. 

UAL has been successfully performed on thousands of patients since 1991, but the long-term effects of ultrasound energy are unknown. UAL also necessitates a larger scar than traditional liposuction.

Understanding the Procedure

The procedure begins with Dr. Garcia injecting a saltwater solution that contains anesthetic and adrenaline into the treatment area. Then Dr. Garcia makes an incision and inserts a cannula, a hollow tube designed for liposuction procedures. A generator sends ultrasound energy through the cannula and into the treatment area.

Fat cells are broken down by the ultrasound energy, allowing fat to flow out of the cells. The combination of fat and injected fluid is suctioned through the cannula with vacuum pressure. The length of the procedure varies from patient to patient, but generally UAL takes a little longer than traditional liposuction.

You can expect bruising and swelling in the treatment area that will begin to subside within a few days and weeks until you are left with your slimmer new contours.

If you are ready to find out if UAL is the right treatment for you, call Julio Garcia, MD, Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic today at (702) 870-0058 to schedule your body contouring consultation. We welcome patients throughout the Las Vegas area and throughout the world.