Nose Surgery

I has small simple cartilage grafts (non-composite) placed to my alar rims bilaterally on Monday to lower them just a bit. The surgeon didn't think that composite grafts were necessary, so she just tunnelled small piece of cartilages into the skin inside the nose. Both sides are growing increasingly red, the outline of hte cartilage is becoming increasingly visible.  I'm on cipro so I don't think it's infected. Does this sound like the grafts are preparing to extrude? I saw the surgeon on Friday for a follow-up, and she thought it was just swollen -- but I must say that it's gotten much more red and much more "outlined" than it was since I saw her 48 hours ago. I really hope that these grafts don't fail because they have vastly improved my my nose, which has been hideous due to nasal retraction since an aggressive tip-plasty several years ago by another surgeon. If they extrude, what should be my next step? She tells met that I'm out of useable cartilage behind my ears, so I don't think composite grafts are an option. Thank you, Dr. Garcia.