Becoming a mother is one of life’s most rewarding experiences. However, many mothers find themselves unsatisfied with their body after carrying and giving birth to their children. At Julio Garcia, MD, Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic in Las Vegas, Dr. Garcia can help you reclaim your youthful physique.

Mommy Makeover Procedure Options

Mommy Makeover Diagram - Las Vegas Plastic SurgeryA mommy makeover is actually a combination of plastic surgery procedures tailored to each patient’s needs. In consultation with Dr. Garcia, you will choose the right procedures to help you look and feel your best as a mother. You may benefit from:

When to Get a Mommy Makeover

Only you can decide if now is the right time for your mommy makeover. When you meet with Dr. Garcia, you will discuss your reasons for choosing plastic surgery, the results you can expect from your procedures, and whether you are ready for a mommy makeover. You may be ready to reclaim your pre-baby body if:

  • You have completed your family and do not intend to have more children.
  • Your children are old enough to be cared for by another responsible adult during your initial recovery.
  • You have a friend or family member who can stay with you to care for you during your initial recovery.
  • You have someone to care for your children during your recovery. Your physical abilities, such as picking up your children, will be limited during your recovery.

Do you want to take the first step toward regaining your pre-motherhood appearance? Call Julio Garcia, MD, Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic today at (702) 870-0058 to schedule your consultation and explore your options for a mommy makeover. We welcome patients from in and around Las Vegas, across the nation, and around the world.