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"My goal is not only to tell potential clients how suggested operations are performed, but why or why not. Cosmetic surgery in Las Vegas is not necessarily for everyone. I think that the better educated the patient is, the better they'll be able to make the right decision." -Dr. Garcia

Since 1988, Dr. Garcia and his staff have had the privilege of caring for patients from Las Vegas, around the country, and around the world. Patients travel from places such as Alaska, the U.S. east coast, and as far away as Israel, Italy, and Great Britain.

Our full-service cosmetic enhancement facility provides patients with an array of options to meet their elective surgery needs, including:

Dr. Garcia works with each patient to ensure you elect procedures that you feel comfortable and confident with for your body and your life. Our experienced team continually delivers plastic surgery procedures to each of our patients through  special offers . Be sure to check back regularly to learn which procedures and treatments are highlighted each month.